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Please "purchase" a free children's ticket at the corresponding tour time so we know how many people to expect.

Mexican drug lord's brazen tunnel escape

Remaining tickets will be released publicly on July 30th at 3 pm. There are 24 tours over the course of 9AM - PM, and earlier tours sell out faster. Scroll through the ticket link to find all of the tour times. There are a limited number of children's tickets available for each tour by necessity, to keep the group sizes manageable and ensure that everyone enjoys their tour. Please note a donation to TFA is not a ticket even though one may print.

  • Reclaiming His Wife: The Ruthless Marriage Bid / Back in Her Husbands Bed / The Prodigal Wife (Mills & Boon By Request).
  • Here are just a few remarkable tunnel escapades from across history..
  • Theatre in Dublin, 1745–1820: A Calendar of Performances: Volume 2;
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  • Tunnel Construction: Soft Ground and Hard Rock;

The first tour begins at 9 am. Tours leave in minute increments all day. Please arrive a little early to get checked in and get your coffee. Dress for the weather and wear comfy shoes. Tours happen rain or shine. Each tour will last about an hour and a half. This tour is wheelchair accessible.

Seattle Squeeze – Chapter 2: Why are Buses Coming Out of the Tunnel?

Due to the popularity of this event, we are unable to accept complimentary tickets for this tour. Please use them on any of our other monthly tours to take full advantage! Refund Policy: All refunds must be requested by August 7th, by 5 pm. Some of the students carried pistols.

She had been let out early; she was writing him to tell him, even though she knew nothing of the new subterranean project underway. Neumann scrambled to get word to Gruhle, and that evening, she appeared at the apartment house to whisper the code word. This time, she reached West Berlin safely. As the night dragged, a few of the border guards on patrol noticed something was askance. They sent a few plainclothes officers to the door of Strelitzer Strasse 55, who quickly realized what was happening and called for back-up.

One of the diggers standing at the door, a man named Reinhard Furrer, saw them coming and crept back through to the tunnel opening to warn the others. He died later on the way to the hospital.

The tunnel was demolished. The diggers, distraught, responded by sending balloons over the wall with a letter attached. Neumann and Christa Gruhle were later married, and they remained so. Furrer became an astronaut; Kabisch continued smuggling people across the border for decades. Tunnel 57 became known as such because 57 people — representing nearly one-fifth of all the successful tunnel escapees who reached their destination over nearly three decades — crawled through it to the West in two nights.

Years after the Berlin Wall fell on November 9, , and Germany was reunified, a case was opened concerning the death of Egon Schultz. His autopsy report had been disappeared by the Stasi in an effort to cover up the incident, but the case found that the fatal shot had been fired by a border soldier. And the soldier was operating on instructions from a Stasi officer.


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The story of Tunnel 29

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