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How does what you know about trauma help you think about this or…? And of course, the news media, when you wake up in the morning, find the worst thing that happens somewhere in the world to serve it to you for breakfast.

So we get served much more. I mean, you read the stories about all the immigrants, all those people who died, and the number of assaults in New York City and around the country. No, I really have studied the history of trauma. My favorite human folly is the First World War. If you think the world is bad right now, think about the First World War.

At the same time that you see something as horrendous as in Philadelphia — the school system of the public schools in Philadelphia abolished arts programs, gymnastics, counseling, and music programs. You need to sing with other people. So you still hear about horrendous things all the time, but I see a great deal of consciousness at the same time.

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And I see that people are really trying to carve out more consciousness and more democracy in various places around the world. What are these people watching? So it is part of that dark side of human nature to want to live on that edge. But you have a pretty refreshingly, hopeful feeling about us as a species. What is so gratifying about this work is that you get to see the life force. People go through horrendous stuff everywhere all the time, and yet, people go on with their lives. I see kids who grew up under terrible circumstances, and some of them do terribly.

But then last week, we had our conference here, our annual conference in Boston, and somebody presented her work on doing meditation in maximum security jails. And you see these really bad-ass guys come to life because of this meditation program. What I see is the huge potential that people have to crawl out of their holes. But therapy as in people really getting to know themselves very well and examining themselves and being seen and being heard and being understood has always been around.

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And I think it will always be around. But, I think trauma really does confront you with the best and the worst. You see the horrendous things that people do to each other, but you also see resiliency, the power of love, the power of caring, the power of commitment, the power of commitment to oneself, to the knowledge that there are things that are larger than our individual survival. And some of the most spiritual people I know are exactly traumatized people, because they have seen the dark side.

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And I think the traumatized people certainly know about the dark side of life, but they also, because of that, see the other side better. Well, I think this field has opened up two areas. One is the area of trauma and survival and suffering, but the other one is also — people are studying the nature of human connections and the connection between us, also, from a scientific point of view. As much as trauma has opened up things, I think the other very important arm of scientific discovery is how the human connection is being looked at scientifically now and what really happens when two people see each other, when two people respond to each other, when people mirror each other, when two bodies move together in dancing and smiling and talking.

Is that right? This is really unpleasant. Any loud sound, anybody insulting them, hurting them, saying bad things, can hijack them away from themselves. And so what we have learned is that what makes you resilient to trauma is to own yourself fully. That person is saying hurtful and insulting things. I think we are really beginning to seriously understand how human beings can learn how to do that, to observe and not react. And that somehow everything comes back to that.

You need to know what is happening in your body. You need to know where your right toe is and where your pinkie is. These are foundational things, all of which go wrong when you get traumatized. The most elementary body functions go awry when you are terrified. So trauma treatment starts at the foundation of a body that can sleep, a body that can rest, a body that feels safe, a body that can move. Toni Morrison and Maya Angelou and these people can talk very articulately about having dealt with and stared adversity in the face and still maintain that humanity and faith.

Des recommandations bien connues, mais payantes! Bien souvent cinq ou six semaines suffisent. Interview — Le Dr Serge Tisseron est psychiatre et psychanalyste. Albin Michel.

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Mais est-ce souhaitable? Il faut choisir. Mais ce savoir faire est en train de se perdre au profit de la banalisation grandissante de ces actes de contention. La maladie mentale fait peur. La formation est manifestement insuffisante pour les infirmiers. Au nom de quoi devrions-nous accepter? Pourquoi devrions-nous taire nos convictions? Deux psychologues se voient ainsi refuser un remboursement de 80 euros! Un site WordPress.

Oh, interesting. There are five versions of every story. The sense of the experiences, of feeling weight and feeling your substance… MS. There are all kinds of other ways to reunite ourselves, but… DR. And of course, if you look at religions around the world, they always start with dancing, moving, singing… MS. Crying, laughing. And that that compounded the trauma.

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You just think that…? Sep Par Juliette Camuzard. Mai Oct La sangle qui attache tue le lien humain qui soigne En France, chaque jour, on enferme, on immobilise, on attache, on sangle, des personnes malades. Nous soignants, patients, familles, citoyens ne pouvons accepter que ces pratiques perdurent.

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Nov Visiting Professor at Middlesex University - London since Save to Library Download Edit. Andre Masse-Stamberger.

« Dénonçons la psychiatrie policière ! » - Mai 68, la science s'affiche

Dictionnaire amoureux de la psychanalyse. Elisabeth Roudinesco, Freud. In His Time and Ours.

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Harvard University Press, November Roudinesco narra a vida de Freud como se fosse um palpitante romance.