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Her prodigious talent soon commanded the attention of both her family and the music world at large. Jackie's played as an adult by the exquisite British actress Emily Watson rapid rise to international fame took its toll on both sisters. The cellist lacked sufficient emotional preparation for the chaotic life of nonstop touring. Without the love and emotional support of her parents and her sister, Jackie experienced terrible loneliness and a feeling of abandonment.

Hilary Australian actress Rachel Griffiths , her own talent completely ignored in the wake of Jackie's stunning success, grew withdrawn and insecure. Hilary's self-confidence was partially restored when a young conductor, Kiffer Finzi David Morrissey , fell in love with her and married her.

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But instead of being happy for Hilary, Jackie became terribly jealous. Although Jackie married the celebrated young pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim James Frain , her life continued to be a whirlwind of concert dates and recordings. Increasingly unhappy--even erratic in her behavior--she longed for the simple, secure life she saw her sister living. Buckling under the strain of her hectic life, Jackie eventually suffered a nervous breakdown and retreated to the farm where Hilary and Kiffer lived with their two young daughters. There, the delicate balance of love and rivalry that had characterized the sisters' relationship all their lives was put to the supreme test when Jackie announced that she wanted to sleep with Kiffer.

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Based on the book A Genius in the Family, written by Hilary du Pre and her brother Piers played in the film by Rupert Penry Jones , Hilary and Jackie explores the fragile but durable love that bound the two sisters. It also covers Jackie's battle with multiple sclerosis, which ended her musical career. Diagnosed in at the age of 28, Jackie succumbed to the illness fourteen years later.

The film proves a haunting emotional experience, thanks in large measure to its outstanding cast. Despite Jackie's frequently atrocious insensitivity toward her loved ones, Watson never turns her into a monster. Our distaste for her cruel and self-centered actions is balanced by an underlying empathy and sorrow.

Griffiths Muriel's Wedding brings a wistful benevolence to Hilary. Living in Jackie's shadow and frightened of losing her affection, her Hilary exhibits a sense of devotion that borders on masochism. But Hilary's generous spirit and genuinely forgiving nature allow her to succeed in life in ways that elude Jackie.

Lynne and Moorer, who casually refer to each other as "sissy," trade verses and harmonize so seamlessly that it's hard to tell where one voice begins and the other ends. Producer Teddy Thompson was chosen because he knows his way around harmony and musical families. Each woman brought their own selections to the recording sessions.


She Aint My Sister:

Thompson did, too, "but we took none of his suggestions," Moorer said. Nirvana's "Lithium" is the most experimental choice; their version may take a few listens to click. Lynne said she feels Kurt Cobain had a hidden "country bone," and Moorer said she learned how to play guitar to Nirvana's "Unplugged.

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The selections "sort of shaped up to be where we've been, where we are and where we're going," Moorer said. What was wrong then?