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Choose sooner rather than later, because the kind of book you are writing will affect:. If you answer yes to the following questions, you should seriously consider writing your story as a novel rather than as a memoir.

Where’s the Train Wreck?

You can either wait until everyone mentioned in the book as passed on and create your memoir, or you can write your story as a work of fiction. If you take the latter approach, ensure that the characters in your novel are reasonably different to the true personages.

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Telling the truth is a big part of writing a memoir. While your subject might be an event or another person, a memoir also needs to be about you. If there are big gaps in your memory or if the story is not based on your memories, write a novel.

2. Create a big list of memories.

Writing a memoir gives you the opportunity to connect with readers in a special way, being more focused than a biography or autobiography. If you have a message to share and you are interested in public speaking opportunities, therefore, a memoir might be the perfect medium for your story.


Memoir or Novel? How To Decide. July 21, Evan Marshall. What is a Memoir?

Get to know M.J. Kane, author of the ‘Butterfly Memoirs’ – Nia Forrester Books

In between, a million endless starry-eyed tales fill in the flesh between the bones. When we write about the past, our senses spark memories and fill us with emotion. The crunch of vanilla wafers reminds me of pre-school.

Intense heat and humidity replay the summer Noah and I met. The feeling, the subjective truth beneath, guides the stories we write.

Right there is the essence of whatever happened all those years ago. Our connection began with a pair of shoes.

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Our stories of first moving to Salta came pouring out. I remember blue morph butterflies everywhere, flying around the rocky shoreline, following us along the paths as we hiked deeper into the forest. We have no photos and no one to corroborate the truth. Janis introduced us to a group of people who seemed to be a cult of sorts.

Not the kind of cult that tries to seduce outsiders to join them.

National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)

No, they preferred to keep us out, but they did allow us to stay in a little cabina at the edge of their property. Outside the gate of their land, I stepped out the front gate of their property each morning to an unpaved road and donkeys instead of cars. Mostly, I remember a tinge of nervous adventure beginning in the pit of my stomach and spreading into my limbs, my eyes, my heart.

I have no idea if the group we met in Salta was a cult.

All writing stems from the spark of the real.

I told Luuk about the donkeys. I recounted the days Noah got sick. She sat with that cat in front of the chicken coop, playing. Mary Karr talks about this process of uncovering memory in The Art of Memoir. I highly recommend reading this book if you plan on writing about real life in any way. Tara Westover discusses discrepancy in memory in her memoir Educated.

She grew up with survivalist parents on a mountain. Her father believed himself to be a prophet.