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This can be an effective fix, but it can also be a bit creepy in a Margaret Keane kind of way—particularly if you then enlarge the image so that the effect becomes more obvious. To help avoid Weird Big Eyes, make the diameter of the selection as small as you effectively can. Straighten: A straight forward control ah ha ha ha…erm is the Straighten button. Click it and you encounter a slider that allows you to adjust the angle of the image degrees clockwise or counterclockwise.

Aiding in your adjustment is a grid that appears over the image. Drag the slider so that the image appears to be appropriately aligned. Crop: You may be the rare photographer who captures exactly what she wants with every shot. The rest of us, however, depend on cutting out the stuff on the edges to make for more-compelling images. Click it, and the frame around the image becomes adjustable. There are two ways and reasons to crop. In such cases you should click the pop-up menu that appears when you click Crop. If you disable the Constrain option, you can resize the image in any way you like by dragging the sides or corners of the selection.

In a group photo, for example, Cousin JoJo has ruined a picture by leering at a passerby while standing at the end of a line of otherwise well-behaved relations. Use the Crop tool to excise him from the picture. Or you may find that a picture feels a little too static with the subject standing smack-dab in the middle of the frame. Use the Crop tool to sheer off one side of the image, and you may end up with a more interesting picture. To actually make the crop, create your selection and click the Done button that appears within the Crop area.

The unselected content will disappear, and the cropped image will zoom to fill the preview area. To undo the crop, click the Undo button at the bottom of the pane or once again click the Crop tool and click the Reset button. What to do about the resulting images? What if I decide I want to keep using Aperture rather than the photos app. I do not use icloud to back up any of my info.

I also do not use photo streaming because of the way it organizes my photos on my Mac. Am I going to have a problem later on if I continue to manually import my photos and continue using Aperture? Thanks for all the great videos. You can always give it a try.


Thank you for getting back to me so quick. You can just store your photos on your drive like you do with iPhoto or Aperture.

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Photo Stream is a different thing, however. Thank you for these tips.

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Very helpful. Will I still be able to use it?

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Otherwise, I would look for a new solution, probably server-side. Thanks Gary — some great tips. It would have taken me ages to find some of the features you show here. Much appreciated. Thanks so much once again Gary for such a helpful video. I think so.

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But it will be easy to test when you move to Photos. Gary wish they had a Maps menu on the sidebar to show an overview of where photos where taken, I have a first-generation iPad that still has a great battery life and it does show photos on a map. I know you can click on the location and show where the photo was taken for each photo, but I think would be nice to have the Map option.

Thanks for all your tutorials. But there is a Map view. I agreed with Nick. Hi Gary. Great video as usual, thanks! No batch change in Photos. Events was just a way of breaking up your photos list. If you want something else, then you need to use albums. Gary in iPhoto I have my 25, pics carefully organised into Events. The photos in those Events are not in date order — I organise my photos in those Events folders by category not the date they were taken. Thanks again. One feature that seems to be missing is Faces. Is it hanging around in the background somewhere or has it been eliminated?

Thanks for all you do! Gary, I always find your videos interesting and useful. Faces seems to be missing features that were present in iPhoto. For one thing, the display of faces is sorted by frequency! Is there any way to sort alphabetically? Also, the facial recognition is apparently gone. Am I correct or is there some way to get Photos to guess faces like iPhoto used to? But it seems you can easily re-arrange the face icons by dragging and dropping. Another wonderful video tutorial!

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Also the music option is changed. You can do both of those things: set the order to whatever you want, and use your own music. Or, use no music. It always starts at the first one. The old slideshow allowed a random feature. I did figure the music. Ah, random. Dear Mr Gary, I am big follower of your macmost! How to change titles of photos in batches.. I am unable to find batch change in new Mac photo app! Kindly guide.. Warm Regards Dr Praveen. There is no batch title change function in Photos.

What do you need it for?

Swap iPhoto's slideshow themes for your own settings

The titles are just a way for you to label the photos.